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Every industry in the world has undergone a revolution over the past two decades. The same is true for the real estate sector. The way business is done has been redefined and the world is changing faster than ever.

The pandemic has added to the change by boosting technology in real estate. Every step of the property buying process has been revolutionized, from listings to viewings.

Like every other business in the world, the real estate industry is also very competitive. Most real estate agents often struggle to establish themselves in the market and gain leads. This often results in many people dropping out of the business, but one can get qualified leads and grow their business with proper marketing strategies.

Real estate agents often take advantage of guerrilla marketing tactics to establish their presence in the industry; billboards, flyers, and postcards are some examples of guerrilla marketing.

Mailing Lists, Real Estate Mailing Lists and Mailing List for Real Estate Agents are common terms people use to search for a list of addresses for marketing and sales purposes. The list contains addresses of potential customers to whom you can send postcards and brochures.

There are various other marketing tactics that real estate agents can take advantage of.

Nothing is more attractive than a well-made video to showcase a beautiful property. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you need to take advantage of video marketing and social media. Devise a strategy and regularly upload videos to social media platforms to attract potential customers.

It is observed that ads with good videos receive almost four times more requests than ads without video. Apart from property videos, QnA videos are also great for interacting with potential customers. Making educational videos positions you as an expert and provides value to the audience, eventually increasing your engagement rates.

  • Take advantage of social media.

As mentioned above, videos are a surefire way to get more traction, but the platform you post those videos on matters. By regularly posting content on various social media platforms, you have the opportunity to increase your visibility, make the brand more memorable and increase your engagement with customers.

When designing a content strategy, consider the different strengths of different social media platforms. For example, for Instagram, live videos, stories, infographics and short video content are suitable. You can, however, post long-form videos or micro-blogs on Facebook.

To grow your business, you will need to combine different forms of marketing and use a holistic approach.

Guerrilla marketing is one of the easiest ways to make your brand or real estate agency more recognizable. You can put up billboards in the local community or hand out postcards all over town.

Take advantage of the Internet and you can find various websites or addresses by searching mailing lists, real estate mailing lists or mailing list for real estate officers. You can purchase mailing lists from these service providers as well as customizable postcards.

Sending postcards and brochures gives you an edge over competitors because it helps you establish a personal connection with prospects. They may ignore an email in their inbox, but they will pay attention to the mail in their mailbox.

  • Offer virtual tours of the ad.

No one cared about virtual tours until three years ago. As the pandemic accelerated, the demand for virtual tours increased. Buyers are now demanding to take a virtual tour of the home before coming in person to visit and inspect real estate listings.

As a result, properties with virtual tours are likely to receive more traction from buyers. Additionally, mentioning that you provide virtual tours in your marketing communications will also help attract more customers.

Everyone wants to check out the property before making an offer, and thanks to technology, you can help them do that from the comfort of their own home.

So take advantage of virtual tours, guerrilla marketing, video content and social media to increase engagement with customers and establish your presence in the industry.


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