7 Instagram Reel Ideas for Real Estate Agents


When it comes to real estate, Instagram is one of the best platforms for posting photos and videos. It’s also a great way to show off your work, meet new clients, and create opportunities for yourself. In the past, we’ve shown you how to promote your Instagram real estate page with some Instagram marketing tips for real estate businesses.

However, with the introduction of Instagram Reels, an in-app feature similar to video-sharing platform TikTok, you’ve probably seen real estate agents who have successfully used this tool to grow their brands. And now you wonder: how to use it?

In this article, we’ll cover some of the best practices for using Instagram as an agent and give you some ideas on how you can start creating your own real estate-focused Instagram reels today!

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are short, creative videos you can make on Instagram. They are up to 90 seconds long and play in the style of Tik Tok videos, in which quick visual changes, quick cuts and quick scene changes are used. Reels are often set to music with a strong beat, and videos can include animated text that is timed and synced to the song.

Why use Instagram Reels for real estate?

An Instagram reel is a great way to showcase your properties. You can give potential clients a glimpse of what they might expect if they worked with you. If you want to establish an Instagram presence while attracting customers and clients, explore Instagram Reels/

Best Instagram Reel Ideas

Before and after Create a video reel of your favorite real estate properties and include before and after photos. Include all renovations, additions and repairs that need to be done so they can see all the hard work you put into each property.

Compilation of properties by location: Use an Instagram reel to highlight all of your properties in one place so potential customers can see them all at once. Example: Top 5 properties in Brooklyn, New York.

Fun fact about the neighborhood: Maybe share some fun facts about the property’s neighborhood, like how many times it’s been featured in TV shows or movies. You don’t want to be overly promotional, but try to provide value by sharing something that your audience will find interesting and relevant.

Moving tips: An adorable way to show off your real estate expertise is to create a video tutorial on how buyers can make their first home safe and secure. Share tips on installing smoke alarms, changing locks and more!

DIY home projects: Create Instagram Reels that will help potential customers improve their homes. You can share some tips and tricks on how to stage a home, DIY projects, or even choosing paint colors for different rooms in the house.

Door-to-door salesperson checklist: You can also create a video that walks home sellers through the process of selling their home. Provide tips on what they need to do before listing their property, how to stage it, and more! Show home sellers how to declutter, organize and stage their home so it sells faster and for greater value.

Homebuyer’s Checklist: Create a series of videos that teach first-time homebuyers how to buy their own home. This can be useful for your audience looking for tips on how to find their dream home, questions to ask when viewing a property, and more!

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for more ways to market yourself as a real estate agent, Instagram Reels can be a fantastic way to showcase your work to a wide audience. Be sure to give it a shot today!

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