Benefits of Using Pinterest for Realtors


Research shows that Pinterest has 433 million monthly users; its use helps agents establish themselves as experts, generate community interest, and share content with consumers.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Real estate professionals can leverage Pinterest to promote their professional brand. The social platform is used by millions of people to “pin” content and create an organized space of links to that content.

Research shows Pinterest has 433 million monthly users, and 80% of users say they’ve found a new brand or product through the platform.

Real estate professionals can use Pinterest to share content that sparks community interest in the neighborhoods where they operate. They can establish themselves as experts in this field by sharing stories, images or videos of local establishments, events and news.

They can also link to real estate-related content, like articles about buying or selling property, interior design, and landscaping.

It is important that they research trending hashtags for real estate and choose the ones that best match their content.

In addition to content found online, they should share their own content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their professional blog, and they should link to their Pinterest board on their other social platforms.

Source: Real Estate News (09/07/2022) Shepardson, Ben

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