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Rishi Sunak has been criticized for his ‘car accident’ Hello Brittany interview which he apparently tried to end prematurely.

The Chancellor appeared on the ITV show live from a warehouse in Nottingham this morning to answer questions about yesterday’s Spring Statement announcement.

During the afternoon PMQs, Sunak unveiled a number of different measures that will be taken by the government to help the public deal with the impending cost of living crisis.

These measures include a 5 pence cut in fuel tax and an increase in the threshold at which people pay National Insurance.

The Government was immediately criticized for not doing enough to help the public with the rising cost of living, and that anger was only heightened by the Chancellor’s TV appearance this morning.

Right off the bat, Sunak repeatedly complained of various “sound difficulties”, which allegedly left him unable to hear a number of difficult questions from hosts Ben Shephard and Ranvir Singh.

When Singh said the country felt like “we have a Chancellor playing politics with his life”, Sunak’s response first came with an apology saying it is “difficult to hear properly “.

Elsewhere in the impassioned interview, the Chancellor also repeatedly tried to end his airtime prematurely – as Shephard was in the process of questioning him, Sunak began interrupting the host, repeatedly saying “goodbye”.

And as the interview drew to a close, Sunak again interrupted the presenters to say a hasty goodbye, saying, “Thank you so much for having me. Thank you so much, goodbye.

Viewers were less than impressed with Sunak’s appearance, with one social media user writing, “This interview with @RishiSunak to @gmb is cheering me up. He doesn’t care how people are going to live.

Another commented: “Sunak with his usual interview techniques…. 1. “I didn’t hear this whole question” 2. Keep talking to waste interview time 3. “I have to go to my next interview.” Running away is not a good look.

And things haven’t gotten much better for Sunak, with him facing an entirely different kind of heat per News from Heaven’ Jayne Secker, who then questioned him about his wife’s ties to Russia.

Addressing a story that Sunak’s wife, Akshata Murthy, has a £500m stake in a consultancy firm that operates in Moscow, Secker remarked to the Chancellor: “It has been reported that you have connections family with Russia.

“Do you give advice to others that you are not at home? »

To this, a visibly uncomfortable Sunak brushed off the accusations and replied, “My wife is not an elected politician and I am here to talk about what I am responsible for… My wife is not.

And when Secker responded by pointing out that his family apparently benefited from Putin’s regime while taxpayers were asked to support Ukraine, Sunak said: “I don’t think that’s the case.

“As I said, the operations of all companies depend on them…I have nothing to do with this company.”

You can read more in the Chancellor’s full spring statement here.


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