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JAMESTOWN – Estate agents discussed future buildings that could be purchased to build a new library on Wednesday, October 12, at the James River Valley Library System board meeting.

The James River Valley Library System is working to move forward with plans for a new or expanded library that has more space than currently available.

“We’re looking at what it would take to expand north, we’re also looking at what empty land is running and buildings that may be empty somewhere or maybe for sale that could be renovated into a new one. library,” Joe Rector said. , director of the James River Valley Library System. “The library board is looking at all of these options and want the estate agents to help us come up with ideas and thoughts.”

Austin Bauer, a realtor with Keller Williams Inspire Realty, said he and RE/MAX Now broker/owner Beth Keller want to work with the library board to have a library that’s good for the community. No contracts have been signed between the James River Valley Library System and real estate agents.

Bauer said the property where Lil’s former Continental Hall and a bridal shop on First Avenue North once stood is listed at around $270,000. He said the building has two levels of 17,000 square feet per level.

“It needs some improvements,” he said.

Bauer said the main cost of buying the property on First Avenue North is the price to bring everything up to code.

Keller said a building that could be examined is located near Dr. Dawn’s Pet Stop. She said the 8,200 square foot building was once a bike shop.

“You would want almost all of that space,” she said. “There is a tanning building. You would like this space to be renovated. The exterior has a large open patio that overlooks the river. … You’d have all that parking, but now you’re renovating and probably adding more.

Library board member Emaline Roorda said the City of Jamestown wants the library board to look at the Maranatha Building. The library system planned an expansion using the Maranatha Building in 2014 which was shot down by voters.

Library board member Gail Martin said a plan must be presented on what will happen with the Alfred Dickey Public Library building when board members present a plan moving forward with a new library.

“I want good use of this building,” she said. “It’s part of us reaching out to the public for support if we need to get some type of funding for this.”

If an expansion of the Alfred Dickey Building does not occur and the library is located elsewhere, Phillips said there must be a use for the building that is approved by the community.

No decision has been made on which buildings the library system can use for a new or expanded library in the future. A formal plan for a new library has not been finalized for presentation to the public.


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