Estate agents share what not to “overlook” when viewing a property


Humidity is something that people tend to fear and find very off-putting. Although not always visible, you can sometimes pick up moisture from a musty smell. A qualified surveyor/moisture specialist will be able to confirm any suspicions potential buyers have about dampness in a property.

Property professionals have urged: ‘If you find any of these signs be sure to find out the cause as it will cost to fix it. It’s a good idea to ask if these will be fixed before the sale. Once an offer has been accepted, always ask for an independent survey of the home, so they can carry out further checks.

5. Confirm the boundaries of the land

Although estate agents are responsible for ensuring that all property details are correct, it is always worth asking for more information about the land and boundaries included with the property. Too often there are gray areas when it comes to parking lots and gardens. Make sure you ask the right questions and get all the answers in writing.

If you’re lucky, a boundary agreement may already be in place. This must be written and signed by the seller and his neighbours. Drawing up an exact boundary line is trickier and requires obtaining as much information as possible from title plans, registry documents, and any other available documentation.


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