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Choosing a real estate professional to help you buy, sell or manage your residential, business or commercial property is an important decision. It can be daunting to find the right person to take care of one of, if not the most important, asset you own.

There are many choices and it can be difficult to determine which real estate agent or agency is best for you.

REIWA is committed to constantly raising the standards of excellence within the Western Australian property industry. In 2016, the institute launched AgentFinder, an online tool that helps WA property seekers find and compare local REIWA agents in their area by highlighting their experience, current listings and recent statistics. sale or rental.

Last year, this commitment to helping the WA public make informed choices about the real estate professionals they hire was taken further with the launch of the REIWA Accreditation Program. The program helps Western Australians easily identify property professionals who are specialists in their chosen field.

To become REIWA accredited, real estate professionals must meet numerous criteria regarding their area of ​​specialization, education and number of years in the industry. They must be Ordinary or Associate Members of REIWA, hold a current license or registration, have met mandatory professional development regulatory requirements for the past three consecutive years, and have five years of experience in the specialization. Each calendar year, an upgrade will be required to occupy a specialization category.

REIWA real estate professionals who meet these criteria can apply to become REIWA accredited. Accreditation emphasizes specialization rather than the ability to perform many types of real estate and business transactions. The 10 specialty areas include Auctioneer, Business Broker, Buyer’s Agent, Commercial Leasing, Commercial Sales, Commercial Property Management, Property Manager, Rural Representative, Sales Representative, and Strata Manager.

Transparency in the real estate industry is important, and by introducing the REIWA Accreditation Scheme, the institute is providing another avenue of security for the WA public to rely on when choosing to engage the services of a REIWA member. checked in. To determine if someone is REIWA Accredited, look for the REIWA Accreditation badge on their AgentFinder profile. REIWA Accredited Real Estate Professionals will also be able to use this badge on their marketing materials to help you easily identify them as a highly specialized industry leader in their chosen field.


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