Home salesman shocked by dirty mess left after home visit


When buying a new home, it’s important to make sure you’ve checked out every part of the house – something a potential buyer may have taken a bit too seriously.

TikTok user @fortdefiance had a visit to her house but noticed things wrong afterward when she returned home.

In a video, which has been viewed over 204,000 times, the user allegedly showed the aftermath of a home visit, including a visibly dirty and clearly used bathtub.

“So I just got home after showing and [I’m] walking around turning off the lights and stuff walking to the bathroom and I was like, ‘Huh. There’s water on the floor – like, I know I just cleaned this,” the user shared in the clip.

She added that she “meticulously scrubbed and vacuumed” the tub for almost half an hour before the viewing.

The tub was filthy, leading her to believe someone had tested it.
strong challenge/TikTok
She pointed out a few odd things after viewing.
She pointed out a few odd things after the viewing.
strong challenge/TikTok
The TIkToker laughed off the situation saying
The TikTokker laughed off the situation, saying she hoped they were “having fun.”
strong challenge/TikTok

The puzzled owner added that she was ‘pretty sure’ someone had climbed onto her bed, pointing to a long bench at the end of the bed which had been separated from the frame, adding that she believed they had also tested the second and third chambers.

“Hope you had fun!” she laughed at the end, unfazed.

TikTok users couldn’t believe how comfortable the potential new owners apparently felt.

“I bet they have kids,” one user speculated. “But either way, you can call your agent to let them know. The other agent should be more professional with clients.”

“What was going on in Goldilocks?!” another wrote.

“The agent should have put a stop to it, yes. but people should also have the common decency NOT to mess around with other people’s business? asked another TikToker.

In a follow-up TikTok, @fortdefiance explained that she immediately noticed the tub because she was caring for an injured baby goat living there.

“So I made sure it was very clean and acceptable for human use,” she said. “Obviously they approved.”


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