How can real estate agents use social media to find clients?


Traditionally, real estate agents earned business through email campaigns or by honing their SEO. But in today’s economy, social media is becoming increasingly important. Customers expect to interact with agents on platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter and get quick responses.

But how are real estate agents supposed to use social media to find leads? We’ll take a look.

Go behind the scenes of your agency

Real estate buyers and sellers love real estate agencies that offer a personal touch. But that kind of vibe is hard to generate through conventional advertising. You have so little time and space to reveal who you really are and bond.

That’s why it’s a great idea to use social media to show people what life is like behind the scenes at your agency. You can post a video on your Facebook page showing people how you actually do business or take them on a virtual tour.

Continue for a year or more

Social media accounts don’t take off overnight. Usually it takes about a year to build up a reasonable following (or a little faster if you have professional assistance).

Therefore, you need to engage in producing content at a steady pace to keep punters engaged. Buyers and sellers should get a lot of value out of your agency, driving them away from well-known real estate buying portals and comparison sites.

Above all, do not post just for fun. Create content that makes a meaningful difference in the lives of your prospects.

Go beyond the property listing

The interest of real estate agents is to list properties and help match buyers with sellers safely. But simply reporting apartments and houses that are on the market isn’t enough these days to find clients.

When it comes to social media, focus on engagement first and new properties in your portfolio second. As a general rule, 80% of your content should be entertainment-oriented. Only 20% should be photos of new properties on the market.

Give tips and advice

Another way to engage with people on social media is to solve their home buying and selling issues. Buying or selling a property is a complicated business and all sorts of things can go wrong. Realtors who help their clients navigate this minefield are more likely to attract attention.

Therefore, think about what kind of advice or tips your audience might want you to post on social media. Consider the threats they face when trading and the knowledge you can impart to them to avoid disaster. Rather than viewing your organization as a for-profit business, take on a community support role.

Change your visuals

Finally, don’t just post pictures of pretty homes scattered across the English countryside. Instead, post images that will engage your audience. Beautiful landscapes and attractive pets always attract attention.

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