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0 has now expanded its operations into 16 new sectors and will soon venture into 17 more, offering a whole new range of target audiences for advertisers. The most critical aspect of this is the quality of the content and this is a formal invitation to become a recognized Bizcommunity contributor.

Although Bizcommunity maintains a dedicated editorial pool and group of approximately 265 industry contributors, we always welcome additional contributions, especially for the new channels we officially launched in mid-September 2011.

It’s a great way to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry and all contributor articles are published with a byline, headshot photo, short bio and full contact details – and only articles exclusive to contributors. contributors are used as titles / top stories on the portals or newsletters.

Organizations wishing to contribute news can also use the following guide on where to send what.

General news

You can use the following services for certain types of business information:

Exclusive opinion pieces

We don’t publish everything we receive as we prioritize exclusive news, breaking news, opinion, thought leadership, case studies, and more. “Corporate news or PR whiff” is ignored or given to sales as a lead for press offices.

We particularly appreciate original products and exclusive opinion pieces/features (how to, articles on industry issues, viewpoints, news, trends) that should be written in the first person. These are accompanied by a two- to three-sentence bio on the writer, including contact details, social media links, and a low-res headshot photo.

If we regularly receive opinion articles, we create a permanent profile for the author (see the list of our contributors here and click to view individual profiles).

Exclusive op-eds are generally held for use as a title/lead article, and may be withheld until a lead article slot becomes available (if the article is soft or non-urgent in nature). Hard news/breaking news always takes priority. Sometimes this means a delay of a few weeks between submission and publication.

Some guidelines for opinion pieces:

  • 600 to 900 words per article; if the article is long but really good, the editor can allow the publication of a longer article or ask that it be divided into a series of articles
  • Each article should be relevant to the specific industry portal and its targeted B2B readership
  • Each article must be signed and written in the first person and accompanied by a color head and shoulders portrait (low resolution, less than 200 KB, as we are not a print publication)
  • An author biography with company title, contact information, and social media links must accompany each article:
    • there can be both a short biography and a long version
    • the biography is about the author, not the company, although company achievements may be mentioned
    • keep in mind that contact details and social media links will be made public, so only submit details that the author is happy to share with the world
  • The editors of each portal reserve the right to edit and rewrite the titles, intros, and body of the contributor’s article to suit’s style, consulting with the author as necessary.
  • The editorial staff tends to be very busy and sometimes we are not able to respond to you immediately if and when we will use something. It’s best to stipulate a date until when the piece is available exclusively to us, and if you haven’t seen it used by then, don’t hesitate and send it elsewhere or to your press office.
  • If the part is urgent, indicate this in the subject line of the email and in the cover email.
  • If you intend to write regularly, please submit approximately once every two weeks (for the South Africa Marketing & Media Portal, only once every six weeks or). More frequently than that can lead to a backlog. If, however, the article is about a hot topic, submit it immediately, but indicate time sensitivity in the subject line of the email.
  • Note that there are two sets of email addresses per industry, one for contributor contributions only and for general news/press releases
    • Do not send to personal email addresses. We have email filtering rules in place to make the news editing/writing process easier, and when editors go on leave or on business trips, email addresses are redirected to the right person. who fills them.
About the press offices

We also offer press offices and the benefit of issuing a press release through a press office includes the following:

  • Branding, profile, full contact details and social media links are included
  • Past news is conveniently archived for readers to read
  • Whenever a release is issued through a press office, the company logo is included on the front page and in the relevant section under “In the News”.

None of these additional values ​​are offered with the editorial coverage of an article, which could also be extensively edited or edited to become an excerpt/in brief before finally being published, if deemed newsworthy .

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