How Top Realtors Use Closing Gifts to Build Lasting Client Relationships


Whether it’s a celebratory champagne, a gift box full of goodies, or nothing at all, the art of giving a closing gift to a real estate client is one that requires more finesse than you think so.

A closing gift should be personal but not overly personal, considerate but not overly considerate, and above all, it should let customers know that the giver is always ready to go above and beyond in a professional manner.

While some may find the tradition unnecessary, many top luxury agents around the world agree that this final gesture is one of the best ways to display a level of service and expertise worth repeating. or refer to others.

Read on to find out how these top agents are threading the needle with their perfect closing gift.

To each his own

For Teni Kalafian of Houston-based brokerage Baker & Co., personal gifts are a great way to show clients you’ve built a meaningful relationship. However, the residential and commercial sales associate also points out that gift etiquette should also be considered.

“I don’t have a specific gift because there are many aspects that need to be considered. Each gift is tailored to a specific customer since each has unique styles and personalities, but things to consider are: Is the gift culturally or age appropriate? »

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Kalafian adds that if the professional relationship between client and agent is good, the process of choosing a closing gift should come naturally.

“The key message is: know your customer! Listen and pay attention to detail. A good example is when I was in New York, where my client bought a house with built-in shelves in the living room. Not knowing what she could do to decorate this space, I surprised her to conclude with a set of ASSOULINE luxury coffee table books.

A nice reminder

While agents like Kalafian find client-specific giveaways have the most impact, others like luxury brokerage MAISON Bahamas CEO and founder Ryan Knowles sometimes opt for a blanket giveaway.

“My closing gift for high net worth clients is a Cartier key ring with a bottle of champagne. It’s simple but so effective.

In addition to exuding luxury and quality, the keychain also serves as a daily reminder to its customers, Knowles says. “Every time they open the door to their new home, it reminds them of the excellent service we provided throughout the transaction.”

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Crissy Rumford of Vail Valley’s Slifer Smith & Frampton shares a similar sentiment but with a bit of branding, literally, giving her customers a personalized cutting board. “I’m looking for a master craftsman from Tennessee, who burns our logo and any special messages I have of thanks and congratulations on the bottom side of the board.”

Like Knowles, Rumford says the gift not only prolongs her well wishes, but also helps to remind her and her service regularly in her client’s mind. “My customers remember me and how grateful I am for their business every time they walk into their kitchen.”

Think outside the box (gift)

For Baker & Co. owner Jaime Baker, not all gifts need wrapping. “A home is the personal reflection of each individual, and we offer non-traditional services to help ensure a smooth transition to a new space.”

These services include numerology reports that detail the numerical meaning of the address, as well as astrology and feng shui services, to ensure “our client’s new residence resonates with their energy.”

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Baker says this unique approach is what largely separates Baker and Co. from the competition. “It’s this type of out-of-the-box thinking that elevates our service to an unexpected level.”

Special delivery

Picking the perfect gift is only half the equation – you have to deliver it too. According to Diana Malk of Willis Allen Real Estate in San Diego, no matter what gift you choose, the delivery method is just as important: “Always deliver personally! »

In addition to the essential gesture of delivering the gift yourself, Malk also advises to accompany it with a personalized element. “Give the gift with an elegant white orchid plant, then tie a beautiful ribbon and handwritten note card for a personal touch.”

Baker & Co., MAISON Bahamas, Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate and Willis Allen Real Estate are exclusive members of Forbes Global Properties, a consumer marketplace and membership network of elite brokerages selling the world’s most luxurious homes. Look for the latest luxury listings here.


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