JB&B real estate agents celebrate a long history


Award winning St Helens real estate agency JB&B Leach celebrates its 165th anniversary.

JB&B Leach has served the people of St Helens since Victorian times and has a rich history.

And its Hardshaw Street base now features a specially commissioned mural celebrating the landmark.

Founded in 1856 by brothers Joseph Bithell Leach and Benjamin Leach, the company remained in the Leach family until 1939, with Wilfred H Leach taking over the company in 1917, when Joseph died.

Wilfred died in 1939 without an heir, but the business was taken over by one of the business partners, Philip Johnson, who himself came from a highly regarded family of land surveyors and estate agents, Herbert Johnson and Sounds of Warrington.

Philip was a partner in the company until his retirement in 1985 and was also a prominent local figure who served as High Sheriff and Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Merseyside and served in the Royal Armored Corps and was major in the Royal Engineers in the Far East during World War II.

Following the retirement of Philip Johnson, the company was operated under a partnership agreement with employees working their way up the ranks, with current Hardshaw Street owner Louis Rigby becoming one of the main partners.

Louis retired in 2005 and Andrew Duncan and Gary Brash took the reins.

In 2020 Dave Roberts, a St Helens-born businessman and real estate specialist, purchased the company as part of his independent real estate franchise Belvoir St Helens and sought to modernize the service it provides while retaining many of its traditions.

Continuing the philanthropic culture and values ​​initiated by the founding partners, Dave is committed to continuing to support the local community and the team enjoys sponsoring the St Helens Fan Site and Rugby Fan Forum, redvee.net , while recently announcing their sponsorship of the next generation of footballers for this season for Pilkington Juniors FC.


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