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A survey by virtual property viewing platform U-See Homes found that homes are selling at such a knot rate under current market conditions, many potential buyers are struggling to get to a scheduled visit before the property is under-offered. .

U-See surveyed 1,213 recent UK homebuyers, who have bought in the past six months, about their experience with the home visiting process.

They first asked if the buyers had lost a first visit to the property because the property had been put up for sale between them to schedule the visit and go through the front door.

51% of shoppers said they had experienced this, with 33% seeing it happen with up to a quarter of their scheduled views.

However, 9% were unable to get through the door for between a quarter and half of their scheduled visits, while an additional 9% missed the mark on half or more of the properties they had planned to visit.

U-See Homes also asked if the same had happened with the homes that they were able to initially see but did not see a second time because the home went up for sale before it was sold. ‘they can’t go back.

38% of shoppers said this had been a problem, with 15% saying it happened on a quarter or more of their secondary views.

U-See Homes claims that almost half (48%) of UK buyers would be happy to submit an offer after initially viewing a property in person with a second visit taken via a virtual tour.

36% said a virtual tour would have helped them avoid scheduling unnecessary tours, leaving them open to finding suitable properties and potentially entering before being beaten with fists.

Perhaps most surprisingly, 16% of buyers would bid on a property they liked after seeing it virtually and not seeing it in person.

Simon Dempsey, Marketing Manager, said:

“Homes are selling like hot cakes in today’s market and if you are lucky enough to reach the bidding stage, chances are you will have stiff competition from a number of others. enthusiastic buyers.

For more than half of homebuyers, the initial task of getting your foot in the door is too much of a hurdle, and many find that the properties they have planned to visit are soaring before they’ve even had a chance to visit. the chance to see them.

“Virtual tours can be a vital resource in overcoming this current pitfall in the real estate market, allowing you to get a really good idea of ​​a home before the visit, or as a follow-up to a first visit to reconfirm your feelings.

“Of course, while virtual visualizations can streamline the process, you have to get to this very important physical visualization first, which also proves to be a difficult question. That said, 16% of buyers would be willing to submit a offer without having seen the house in person beforehand – and even we are a little surprised by that.


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