More than three-quarters of real estate agents expect to be paperless by 2025 – Property Industry Eye


A new survey suggests that more than three-quarters of real estate agents believe they will be paperless by 2025.

In a relatively small survey of 100 seasoned real estate professionals, commissioned by Landmark Estate Agency Services, 77% confirmed that they believe the process of buying and selling residential properties will be entirely digital or online from by 2025, paper processes being completely eliminated.

The survey results, which were captured in a report on real estate agents of the future, asked agents to examine how the process of buying and selling properties will have changed by 2025.

Agents see a smoother, technology-driven process where buyers will have better access to information earlier in the process and more automation.

Some 83% of them agreed that increased due diligence and insight into the data would help buyers make more informed decisions sooner and receive fewer surprises later in the legal process.

This will cause the role of the negotiator to shift, with almost three-quarters – 72% – suggesting that they are likely to spend much less time ‘chasing’ sales updates, due to increased usage. end-user platforms online over the next three years.

The findings also examine the lessons the pandemic has taught realtors, as well as where improvements could be made, what is the appetite for technology adoption, and what the realtor of the future might look like.

Ben Robinson, Managing Director of Landmark Estate Agency Services, said: “Without question, the pandemic has focused industry attention on PropTech and considering ways to become more efficient when buying and selling. of properties.

“It’s interesting to see so many people suggesting that the paperless office is within reach, with a greater reliance on data and digital solutions to support agents. “


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