New resource for home sellers, Sell Later, allows 2020 sellers to start selling their home later now


PITTSBURGH, December 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — If Spring 2020 sellers know now that they want to sell later, and Spring 2020 buyers know now that they want to buy later, why does everyone have to wait months to do anything? The answer is that they shouldn’t. That is why Wendy GilchCEO and frustrated home seller, and her team created sell later.

Last year, the average home seller started thinking about selling their home 5-10 months in advance. Homebuyers spent 4 to 12 months looking for their new home. Yet the average residential real estate transaction took 68 days. Home sellers who waited months to start the process only had 68 days to sell and find a new home! “When you apply this calendar today, you’ll see that there’s a large mass of sellers and home buyers who now know they want to move in Spring/Summer 2020,” says Gilch. “However, there is nowhere for sellers of homes to publicly announce their future sale, or where future buyers can see what will come to market later. We are filling this void by allowing future sellers to post now , log in now, and save time to sell later.”

The subsequent sale process
Home sellers in 2020 can list their home based on the month they want to sell. Home buyers in 2020 can view homes by month they want to buy and submit inquiries about the homes they are interested in. Home sellers will then use their requests to strike a deal with a buyer ahead of time, or use their requests as a kickstarter for when they’re ready to list their home.

Home sellers can list their home regardless of how they choose to sell. Those who aren’t sure how they want to sell their home can use Sell Later to test the market and “get their feet wet.” “Real estate is no longer a one-size-fits-all industry,” says Gilch. “While we educate home sellers about their selling options, we do not sell homes nor will we sell their contact information to prospects. This is truly a resource specifically designed for aspiring home sellers. homes and future home buyers.”

About subsequent sale

  • Sell ​​Later was created by a frustrated home seller and is an independent resource for home sellers and buyers.
  • Creating a Sell Later account is free, and there is a small, one-time fee to list your home ($15 at $30). A portion of each post is donated to small non-profit organizations.
    Sell ​​Later is a resource community and does not sell homes or accept commissions or referral fees.

Contact: Wendy Gilch
[email protected]
412 660 0044
Sell ​​Later LLC.

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