Over 60% of people buying property from illegal housing corporations in Islamabad: DC


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Less than 40% of the population buys property from legal companies in Islamabad, justifying apprehensions that the federal capital has been flooded with illegal housing companies.

Last month, Islamabad administration set up the country’s first property verification center adjacent to the Deputy Commissioner’s Office for the people to verify the authenticity of land or property in the capital territory of Islamabad. Islamabad (ICT).

Islamabad Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Hamza Shafqaat informed on Twitter on Wednesday that in December 2021, 244 people approached the first property verification center before buying a property in ICT, and worryingly more than 60% of them were about to buy the property in illegal companies. .

Hamza Shafqaat said 39 people were planning to buy land which was not even located in Islamabad.

The Deputy Commissioner said illegal housing companies are deceiving people by simply opening their offices in Islamabad without holding legal possession of any land within the jurisdiction of ICT.

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Earlier, Hamza Shafqaat said that once the asset verification center is approached, the applicant will receive a message stating that the required data has been received and within 24 hours, the deputy commissioner will generate a report for him verifying the authenticity. of the relevant property.

The Deputy Commissioner Islamabad further said that a portal would soon be launched for people anywhere in the country or abroad, enabling them to check the legal status of property in ICT online.


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