Pembrokeshire estate agents named top performers in UK


Estate agents in Pembrokeshire have gone way beyond the asking price after this week’s announcement that they currently rank among the best performing agents in the whole of the UK.

The research was carried out by estate agent comparison site, which measured the percentage of prices charged by estate agents on average.


At the top of the chart is the Pembrokeshire postcode district SA36, where the average property sale value is 118% of the asking price. This means that if a property was listed for £100,000, estate agents in that area are likely to complete the sale for £118,000.

“Over the past two years, our country’s brilliant estate agents have worked harder than ever under the weight of unprecedented demand from homebuyers, triggered in large part by the government’s stamp duty holiday introduced in start of the pandemic,” commented Mal McCallion, COO of “Today, the peak of this demand is well behind us, but we are still seeing a high level of activity in the market.

“That Pembrokeshire agents consistently manage to secure such impressive sale prices for their clients is a testament to their hard work and professional skill.

“The coming months could bring a whole new challenge for estate agents as the cost of living crisis and uncertain economic outlook affect the buying appetite of the UK public.

“But if you go by their track record, the best will always find a way to win over sellers and buyers, exceeding all expectations.”

Meanwhile, the latest house price figures for Pembrokeshire show a slight decline in house prices.

In May, house prices in Pembrokeshire fell 0.5%, but the drop does not reverse the long-term trend, which has seen house prices in the area rise by 16.5%. % over the last year.

The average house price in Pembrokeshire in May was £230,977, with Land Registry figures showing a fall of 0.5% in April.

First-time buyers spent an average of £208,000 on their property, £29,000 more than a year ago and £60,000 more than in May 2017.

By comparison, former homeowners paid £257,000 on average in May, 23.9% more than first-time buyers.

Apartment owners saw the biggest drop in property prices in Pembrokeshire in May – they fell 1% in price, to £112,798 on average. But over the past year, fixed prices have increased by 11.3%.


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