Property: Houseplant ‘essential’ to add value to home – and estate agents agree


Selling your home can be a stressful time, especially if the owners don’t get any offers close to the asking price. Luckily, real estate agents have shared an easy way to add property value for a cost-effective alternative to renovating a room. Real estate pros have all agreed that adding the fiddle leaf fig houseplant to homes is one of the best ways to increase property value quickly.

Lauren Reynolds, agent at Compass, explains that this indoor plant is a favorite among shoppers.

She said, “Fiddle leaf figs and Swiss cheese plants are millennial favorites, and given that nearly half of homebuyers are millennials, these plants are a must.”

Lauren suggests that the power of this houseplant comes from social media or the HGTV effect, which influences the most desirable interior design trends.

She added: “They seem to be a go-to for interior design influencers and as a result have trickled down to our everyday design.

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The estate agent added: ‘If you want to make it a little bigger, get a bigger basket, put some books or something sturdy in the bottom, then put it on top of the books.

“I also take smaller fiddle leaf figs and place them on kitchen counters, bathroom vanity or open shelving.

“They add charm to any room.”

A fiddle leaf fig houseplant can be bought from £16 in online plant shops.

Phadera Flash, the founder of Property Means agrees with the charm this indoor plant can have on a property.

The agent also counts the fiddle-leaf fig tree among the most impactful houseplants of the moment, noting that this trendy greenery will “sell your house faster.”

Phadera adds that the fiddle leaf fig tree is one of the best choices for sellers – because it has bold leaves, striking depth of color and is easy to care for.

This is especially important during the stress of the buying and selling process.


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