PropropTech redefines the role of real estate agents



Real estate agents can leverage the power of digital technology to both increase their business opportunities and improve their customer experience.

FREMONT, Calif.: Real estate businesses can stand out from the competition by incorporating advanced technology that enhances the overall consumer experience. If a solution is provided where clients are allowed to log in to their portal and follow sales progress updates, there is a good chance of being recruited before an agent who has not invested in PropTech . After-hours customer service can now be provided through AI chatbots or 3D virtual property visualization software. Since most online research takes place in the evening from a personal computer, this will help businesses stand out when a potential seller is considering which real estate company to partner with. PropTech can help real estate companies in a variety of ways, including market valuation conversion rates, market and customer insights, property reporting, automation, and customer service, to name a few. name a few. However, the best real estate software companies work with businesses to determine which features are most important to their business and tailor their solutions to meet their needs.

Recruiting and converting valuable consumers are other benefits of PropTech. Real estate agents can help their clients navigate the process of buying or selling a home that can be draining on physical and mental well-being, especially in these times of epidemics and economic uncertainty. . There are various alternatives to increase the frequency and/or automate the nature of customer communication as a result of PropTech advancements. A smoother sales transaction is made possible by dedicated customer portals and electronic document signing, as well as increased automation.

The convenience of signing documents electronically greatly improves the customer experience. Many organizations from all industries provide this service, which has proven to be beneficial for administrative purposes. PropTech can help with the sale of a home by giving buyers all the information they need to make an informed decision. Customers now have more influence over what they do and how they do it, especially with the current technological revolution. Consider banking apps – how easy it is now for customers to stay in financial control. Likewise, giving customers access to a 24/7 login portal allows them unlimited access to progress updates.


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