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4:40 PM February 22, 2022

Are you looking forward to moving into a new home, but worried about not finding buyers for your current property?

In a particularly tough buyer’s market, a common occurrence at the start of the year, some hopeful movers may be skeptical about their chances of selling. However, there is an option that allows potential sellers to scan the market for potential buyers and prepare for a sale, without having to advertise online.

We caught up with Stuart Meriton, Principal of Peter Lane & Partners located in St Neots, who explained the benefits of using their ‘Ready to Market’ service.

Estate agents like Peter Lane can help clients get their property appraised, create brochures for their property and gauge buyer interest without having to commit to an immediate sale.
– Credit: Peter Lane & Partners

Q: What is your Ready to Market program?

A: Our Ready to Market service is a form of discreet marketing that works extremely well in today’s real estate market, especially at the start of the year. Sellers are often wary of putting their current home on the market due to the low number of listings – but if everyone decided to bite the bullet, they’d only find theirs!

Q: How does Ready to Market work?

A: We use covert marketing techniques to circumvent this common problem; listen to all local interested parties, contact potential buyers discreetly and create publicity materials such as sales brochures. This method lets our customers breathe and allows them to go at their own pace, without having to hold back for lack of online buyers.

Q: What are the benefits of discreet marketing?

A: A major benefit of discreet marketing is the ability to list client properties without the rush to find a buyer. Often agents are unwilling to offer properties to potential buyers if they are not yet officially on the market.

We ensure that all preparations for the sale have been made, while the client can fully concentrate on finding their next home. The slightly more low-key method of finding a buyer often works well for sellers because it allows them to keep their options open, rather than feeling pressured to commit to the first buyer who shows interest.

Q: Do you have a number of premium buyers waiting for ready-to-market homes?

A: Yes, we have a huge number of potential buyers looking to buy a home in the area. Real estate agents often spend a lot of time registering new buyers, especially in view of the start of the school year. During times when the market is not particularly busy, estate agents come in handy for buyers who register their details and inquire about available properties.

Illustrated welcome sign for St Neots in Peter Lane, Cambridgeshire

Peter Lane has an in-depth knowledge of the local property market in St Neots and surrounding areas, and can help clients find buyers for their property, even during the quieter times.
– Credit: Peter Lane & Partners

Q: Can you explain the marketing process to premium buyers?

A: We can explain the circumstances and requirements of our clients who are looking to sell their current home and move elsewhere. This type of communication becomes vitally important, especially when buyers are looking to close a sale quickly after a visit. When we have the opportunity to describe the property, and possibly agree a price if the seller wishes, buyers are often much happier to wait a little longer.

Q: How can local real estate agents help ease any concerns sellers may have right now?

A: We can provide an understanding of the local market and the trends that occur as the properties available fluctuate. When clients do their own research to gauge their interest, it doesn’t always show them the full picture of available opportunities.

This is where our Ready to Market service really shines – we can encourage sellers to put their home on the market without feeling pressured, attract buyers without forcing an immediate sale, and provide clear communication to both parties throughout. of the process. It really is a win-win situation for everyone involved!

To find out more about Peter Lane’s Ready to Market service or to get in touch with an assessment, visit or call 01480 406400.


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