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Spring, a national home-buying and parts-swapping service, has launched a new real estate data platform for real estate agents and their clients called MoveSmart, giving movers access to a wealth of real estate data for free. at hand.

Using the search tool, comparing up to three locations at once, real estate agents and those looking to move can discover how quickly properties in the three outer codes (the first three characters of a postcode) have sold, from listing to completion, with a breakdown of comparable properties for sale or sold in the area and a breakdown of average sale prices.

Cormac Henderson, CEO of Spring, said: “While historically you might expect to see a stark north-south divide, the pandemic has created a never-before-seen market that is breaking the mould. Of course, demand is not the only factor in play, with the availability and quality of local carriers playing a significant role in overall turnaround time.

“MoveSmart is a game-changer for the market and we are excited to launch a useful tool that will provide estate agents with more information by postcode that they can share with their clients when considering their next move.

“Realtors will also be able to use our MoveSmart platform to also see how a spring completion compares to their zip code and use it as a tool with their underwriting team to discuss deals with their clients.”

Using the data, a recent report found the fastest and slowest property completion areas in England. Homes in Ayot St Lawrence, Barming and Anlaby are among the slowest in the UK to sell from date of listing to completion. From the day of listing, the average house in the town of Ayot St Lawrence in Hertfordshire took 46 weeks to complete, while in the civil parish of Barming, Kent, and the village of Anlaby in the East Yorkshire constituencies the average time was 40 weeks, according to a new report, which reveals the 10 fastest and slowest selling areas in England.

However, it’s not just the more rural locations where sellers have been waiting a long time – with the cities of Manchester (36 weeks) Sheffield (30 weeks) and Southampton (30 weeks) also among the slowest to complete, reflecting a lack of demand for the city homes as the space race continues.

Realtors will also be able to find out the estimated household bill costs, perfect for when movers are weighing their options on their perfect new home.

The data brings together information from government sources, including the Land Registry and statistical technology company, Propalt in one place.

With an annual house-buying capacity of £300million, Spring is the UK’s leading property-buying powerhouse, delivering up to 93% of property values ​​with completion being offered as quickly as the owner wishes.

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