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The pandemic has affected everyone to some extent, but those in the real estate industry have seen massive changes from previous years.

Danielle Lazier is a real estate agent in Noe Valley, California. The real estate market is exploding with homes leaving the market – often above the listing price.

Lazier thinks it’s because more and more families have changed their priorities when it comes to a home they want to buy. Many will be working from home or on a hybrid schedule for years to come. Noe Valley is attractive because of its proximity to downtown San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and many wonderful schools. People look for homes with space, distance from each other, and a quiet working area.

“I’ve checked our 2020 numbers so far, and I’ve been absolutely blown away. We have homes that are selling for above asking price. Condos are also getting close to asking price. Better yet, very little. houses stay on the market for more than a few weeks or a month. Our market is so hot, ”Lazier said on behalf of his real estate agency Living in Noe Valley.

Current market trends may continue, stabilize, or possibly correct based on broader economics and the virus, although there are no signs of slowing down, especially for single-family homes and well-appointed condos. . No one is 100 percent sure what’s going to happen. Lazier, on the other hand, wants anyone looking to relocate to the Noe Valley area to consider the move and soon. Properties are changing rapidly.

Danielle Lazier Vivre real estate agency is in Noe Valley, California and San Francisco. Visit the website at contact.

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