Top Realtors Partner with Final Offer to Bring a Transparent Offer Process to the Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia Metro Area


The real estate technology platform helps agents deliver an efficient experience for buyers and sellers, with fair competition in mind

WASHINGTON, October 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Final Offer, an online real estate platform that enables top real estate agents to facilitate a more seamless offer and deal experience for their clients, went live today in the Washington, D.C., area. Maryland and Virginia. Over 50 residential property listings will be posted on the platform throughout this weekend, which will accept all offers exclusively through

Backed by top realtors from multiple brokerages with a combined sales volume of over $3 billion last year, the platform offers listing agents and their sellers the opportunity to achieve true market value. by providing a transparent and competitive platform that drives the urgency of the buyer community.

For the first time ever, sellers can publicly declare the price, terms, and time they agree to. The ability to tell buyers what’s important allows sellers and their agents to act more strategically, while giving buyers the clarity and confidence they need to make an offer they know is right. it will be accepted. All interested parties are notified in real time when offers are made, giving all potential buyers the opportunity to act quickly. All offers are visible in the listing’s offer history window, allowing buyers and their agents to view details of what they need to do to make a better offer. Buyers and their agents can bid online in seconds and will only need to complete a regional sales contract if their bid ends up being the winning bid.

“During the pandemic, which has produced the most competitive market of my real estate career to date, it has become apparent how desperate the DMV market is in need of a level playing field where every client is empowered to win,” said Jenn Smira, President of Jenn Smira. Crew. “I never thought a technology platform was more important – or relevant – to the world of real estate than Final Offer is right now.”

“Our goal is to help the best agents grow their business even further by giving them and their sellers the opportunity to get the best result when selling their home,” said Tim Quirk, co- CEO of Final Offer. “Additionally, we have found that buyers and their agents are empowered to know that they are bidding on fair terms and that they have a clear understanding of what sellers will accept. We are proud to partner with such many of the DMV’s top agents to bring a new level of trust and transparency to the marketplace.”

The Final Offer platform has been enhanced based on invaluable feedback after the beta was launched in the Boston area with a number of announcements last spring. Agents, buyers and sellers have achieved superior results in these initial transactions.

“After learning about the platform and how it can help us better serve our customers, we knew we wanted to be a part of this special new technology,” said Trent Heminger, President of Trent & Co. acts working hard to achieve the best outcome for our clients. We believe that the final offer will be a tool to ensure the best financial outcome for them.”

The final offer platform is free for agents, sellers and buyers until 2022. Starting January 1, 2023, listing agent subscriptions will start at $500 per month to use the platform to manage all of their listings and bidding processes on behalf of their vendors. . The final offer will continue to be free for buyers and sellers, as well as agents representing buyers.

About the final offer:

Final Offer is a new platform that enables top real estate agents to provide a more transparent offer and trading experience to their clients. Now, sellers can clearly define their desired price, terms and timing, giving buyers the certainty they need to always make a winning bid. Built by leaders in real estate and technology, Final Offer enables top real estate agents to differentiate themselves and provide their clients with the tools for an elevated buying and selling experience.

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