Top tips for first-time home buyers buying a property, such as whether the house will sell above the listed price


Realtor gives her the best advice on buying a property – including the easy way to find out if your dream home will sell for more than the guide price

  • Realtor Reveals Why Properties Are Selling Well Above Listed Price
  • Regional Victorian has top tips for staying on budget and staying out of debt
  • She also explained the surprising reason why buyers are missing out on their dream home

A real estate agent has revealed his top tips for buying property as sea changers drive up prices in suburban and rural areas.

Sammi Russo, a self-proclaimed “high-energy” agent from the small Victorian town of Nagambia, said it was important for buyers to stick to their budget.

“My biggest tip would be when you hop on real, add all your filters in the app and on the website,” she told Daily Mail Australia.

“Don’t go over your personal limit, don’t go into too much debt.”

Estate agent Sammi Russo (pictured) has revealed her top tips for buying a property

Due to increased demand in some markets, buyers should consider scouting for less sought-after properties rather than taking out a mortgage they cannot afford.

The agent said people moving away from cities were increasing sales in regional cities and forcing owners to increase auction reserves above the listed price.

“If they (the owners) get 60 people through every open house, they are more than likely going to increase their reserves,” she told Daily Mail Australia.

Ms Russo also said many buyers miss out on their dream home because they don’t build a relationship with the agent or wait too long to return calls and emails.

“I also see a lot of people missing the house because they never contacted the agent,” she said.

“I’ll get them through on a Monday. I call them the next day…and they don’t answer my call, they don’t return my emails then they call me on a Friday and say yes we want to make an offer.

“While I already spoke to someone the day before who wants to make an offer, it’s accepted and we make contracts.”

The regional agent (pictured) said sea changers were driving up prices

Ms Russo (pictured in a TikTok video) explained why it looked like officers were underquoting

The real estate agent said it was important to be prepared to sell a house at auction for more than the price quoted by the agent.

“As agents, we need to have comparable sales close to home to justify our reasoning for this price guide, but it’s ultimately up to the owner,” she explained.

Ms. Russo’s other top tips for homebuyers include making sure financing is pre-approved, doing a thorough building inspection and checking first-time homebuyer incentives and any stimulus offered. by local councils.


  • Homes in some markets are being sold for higher than listed prices due to buyer demand, not because the agent is underpricing
  • Set search filters with your maximum price and don’t look beyond that limit
  • Keep your cool at auctions and don’t let your emotions drive you over budget
  • Build a relationship with the agent and let them know you’re interested
  • Respond to agent calls and emails immediately so you don’t miss a thing
  • Do a building inspection before buying older homes
  • Check the local council’s first home buying incentives
  • Buy a less desirable property that you can afford to buy a “dream” home that you can’t
Ms Russo recommended adding filters to property searches (pictured) and sticking to them

Ms Russo recommended adding filters to property searches (pictured) and sticking to them



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