Town close to buying a property near Bosque


ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – The town says it is close to making a deal to acquire a large piece of land near the Bosque. The Poole Property – named after its former owners – is a 23-acre parcel of land bordering the Bosque in the San Antonio Oxbow Wetlands.

Gamma Development was given permission to build dozens of houses on the land, but neighbors opposed the development, arguing it would cause damage to the environment. Now the city council is announcing that it will soon vote on acquiring the property to add it to the city’s open spaces.

Councilor Lan Sena says it is important to protect the precious open spaces in the city. “Especially through COVID, our open spaces have really shown the need – and why the community has used it as a refuge, as an escape. Not just our community, but our wildlife. There are so many wildlife that depend on this part of the Oxbow, ”Councilor Sena said.

Last year, the state allocated $ 4.6 million to help buy the Poole property, and a recent proposal by Mayor Tim Keller would free up an additional $ 2.2 million from the space trust fund. open from the city. The city council could vote on the acquisition as early as February 17.


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