What are the benefits of using Pinterest for real estate agents


Pinterest – it is a very social network where users can “pin” content they come across while using the Internet and create an organized space of links to this content. Whether it’s videos, images, or entire pages, Pinterest is used by millions of fans around the world for food, crafts, fashion, and more. But did you know that you can use Pinterest to promote your own professional brand in the real estate market?

It may sound counter-intuitive, but it’s true. Pinterest for real estate is a real thing, and there are hundreds, if not thousands, of “Pinterest realtors” who are putting the platform to good use when it comes to building their digital brand. . If you want to learn how to use Pinterest effectively for real estate, this short but informative guide will help you get started.

The truth is that Pinterest is as much a marketing platform as it is a platform used to create curated content for amateurs. Using Pinterest for real estate marketing is all about building your personal digital brand. This brand building is all about creating an online presence that promotes who you are as a professional – and in the world of real estate, that means creating a professional persona that potential clients feel comfortable interacting with. .

And the pool of prospects is indeed immense. Pinterest is used by 433 million users every month, which means you have plenty of chances to preview the content you share on your own Pinterest page. Not only that, but 80% of Pinterest users say they found a new brand or product through Pinterest. This represents a huge opportunity for you to promote your brand and your services. In other words, you can’t afford not to have a neatly curated Pinterest page!

Using the internet to create professional marketing materials can sometimes be daunting. Having your own professional marketing website often involves using advanced web design knowledge that most real estate professionals simply don’t possess. Thus, these professionals must invest in the expertise of web designers to create and maintain these sites for them. This can quickly eat into the marketing budget of even the largest real estate agency or brokerage.

By comparison, using Pinterest is easy because so much of the work has already been done for you. The site is geared towards universal use like any social media platform. Your tasks are relegated to finding the best content that showcases who you are as a real estate professional, and then populating your Pinterest board with links to that content. With technical difficulties out of the way, you are free to think as creatively as possible when it comes to selecting content to share.

Knowing in the abstract why Pinterest is such a beneficial marketing tool for real estate agents is one thing; understanding the type of content you should share is another. Here are some fantastic examples of effective marketing content you should consider sharing on Pinterest.

Generate community interest

Like almost all social media marketing, Pinterest marketing is about “soft selling”. You don’t need to push the properties you represent; in fact, it is often counterproductive. Instead, focus on sharing content that sparks community interest, especially in the neighborhoods you specialize in. expert in this field.

Offer expert advice

Nothing shows your authority as knowing the real estate market well than sharing content that answers people’s questions about that market. Linking to content that provides important context on what’s going on in buying or selling properties, or even information on how to spruce up your home through interior design and layout landscaper further strengthens your reputation as a reliable and knowledgeable source of such information. This, in turn, boosts your professional brand recognition.

Be smart about your content markup

The humble hashtag plays an important role in Pinterest. Users often rely on the platform’s tagging system to find the content they’re looking for, which means that if your content isn’t tagged accordingly, it could end up being overlooked. Choosing the right hashtags for your Pinterest content takes work on your part; you’ll need to research trending hashtags for real estate, then make sure to pick the ones that are most relevant to the content you’re pinning.

Focus on consistency across your other digital marketing streams

Finally, perhaps the most important and effective strategy for Pinterest real estate marketing is to ensure that you consistently share your own content in addition to content you find elsewhere. Any realtor serious about online marketing should also maintain a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as a professional blog. Occasionally share this original content on Pinterest. Similarly, also link to your Pinterest board on these other social media platforms.

When it comes to strengthening your real estate marketing funnel, Pinterest is a vast untapped resource. Designing a professional Pinterest page with carefully curated content designed to build both community and authority is a surefire way to supercharge that marketing funnel. Plus, since there are so few barriers to entry on Pinterest, it’s a very profitable tool – provided you use it correctly!


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