Why real estate agents need to think like a billionaire


This is probably the most unusual market in real estate history: inventory is at record highs, buyers are at record highs (at least in Texas), and there are more agents selling. and purchase homes on behalf of clients.

In fact, according to the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials, there have never been more real estate agents in the United States: there are now more than 3 million active real estate licenses, according to NAR.

In 2006, they were 1.35 million. In 2012, there were not even 1 million.

Do you know the Great Resignation? Where is everyone? Many sell real estate!

So it’s not just necessary, it’s CRUCIAL that agents stay ahead of the curve and stay inspired. Like the best athletes, they must strategize intensely and think differently.

Think like a billionaire, with a billionaire mindset.

How Do Billion Dollar Listing Agents Do It? You can find out in just one relaxing day on June 13 at Legacy and the Dallas North Tollway.

Learn directly from the experts: agents with the mindset of a billionaire who wake up every day hyper-focused on announcing the million-plus dollars they’re going to sell. And not just sell it, but how they will MARKETER it.

You’ll first be inspired by Bravo’s star Josh Altman Los Angeles Million Dollar List. You’ll be fascinated by the story of Frank McKinney: Frank is a self-proclaimed philanthro-capitalist, author and real estate artist who eats, sleeps and bleeds real estate by building oceanfront mansions in South Beach – where he spends often by helicopter – writing inspirational real estate tomes in his treehouse in Florida.

And his marketing techniques? Frank has some creative genius stuff that I can’t wait to hear him share.

In the afternoon, I will be hosting a lively panel discussion with top luxury sales professionals – the most productive agents in North Texas.

It’s all happening June 13 at the Renaissance Dallas Hotel in Plano/Legacy: a one-day symposium called Next Gen Luxury. Guest speakers include Michael Valdes, Janie Coffey, Shaun Patrickus and Alicia Chmielewski…you know Alicia, she’s the real estate auction pro who’s sold dozens of multimillion-dollar mansions across the country, including one just downstairs from the street of me.

This event is broker independent: speakers and panelists come from all levels of brokerage, sales and income. The common denominator is LUXE. We at CandysDirt.com have long wanted to move to LUXURY REAL ESTATE conferences, but a little thing called COVID has put plans on hold. Now we’re off and running.

Hope to see you on Monday, June 13: but register NOW — tickets are limited and going fast!


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