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On the Internet, crowdsourcing has become a popular method of collecting information. There are entire websites devoted to users getting their questions answered by anyone who wants to answer, and the very popular Quora question-and-answer service does just that. Another type of social media site, Quora is an untapped resource for real estate agents looking to increase their online visibility and promote themselves and their services. Here’s why you should definitely engage with Quora to grow your buying audience.

Quora is a deceptively simple site. It differs from most social media sites in that you don’t necessarily use Quora to share details about your life – instead, you go to Quora when you have a question that needs to be answered. Users can ask any questions they want on topics as diverse as baking cupcakes to zoo conservation and beyond, and the answers are then given by other users. These responses are then evaluated for their usefulness by other users.

This is where the social media aspect of Quora comes in. Crowdsourced responses in this way help build an entire community of individuals who usually answer these questions because they have demonstrable expertise in their areas of choice – or simply choose to share ideas or comments in the dialogue. with users who have already responded. In this way, a true community effectively develops, with individuals learning about each other’s personalities over time by answering questions and interacting with each other.

There are, of course, a lot to look out for when using a social media platform, and that includes Quora. Online interactions will vary wildly depending on who asks questions on the platform and who chooses to answer them, meaning that you (or anyone else) may encounter negativity. In general, however, the number of negative encounters on Quora is relatively lower than on Facebook, Twitter, or another much more widely used social media platform.

People who spend a lot of time on Quora answering questions can build a positive reputation, often becoming considered experts in specific areas. That way, when one of those users answers a new question about an area of ​​their expertise, their answer or advice is likely to be taken more seriously than someone who just joined the website and didn’t. is not used to providing useful answers. .

This is, of course, where having a presence on Quora can be incredibly beneficial for a real estate agent. Taking the time and effort to consistently build a reputation for properly answering real estate-related questions, sharing information about things like the home buying process, and simply displaying a friendly and professional tone is a great help. great way to establish yourself as a trustworthy expert in your chosen field.

Building trust and showing your expertise may not have a strictly quantifiable impact on your ability to convert prospects into customers. However, presenting yourself as knowledgeable, engaged and approachable means that the likelihood that someone will consider using you as a real estate agent will increase, especially if they have seen your name in answers to real estate questions before. Quora isn’t the most direct marketing funnel, but some things, like reputation, just can’t be measured using the same metrics.

While establishing yourself as an expert on Quora can do wonders in building a reputation as a connoisseur of how the real estate market works, using Quora effectively to build visibility goes beyond providing precise answers to questions. questions about buying or selling properties. Equally important is giving other users of the platform a glimpse of who you are as a person – and that you’re not just a real person, but you are also really nice.

Creating and maintaining positive interpersonal relationships is integral to a real estate agent’s success. You are working with buyers and sellers, not with properties! Building a positive relationship with individual clients is essential to your success as a real estate agent. To do this, you will need to reinforce the idea that you are both honest and genuine.

The best way to do this is to design every response and interaction on Quora through this lens. Cultivating a friendly and approachable personality while remaining professional shows other people on Quora that not only can you be trusted to answer real estate questions correctly, but that you can do so in a way that showcases your own interpersonal style. It’s almost identical to how you would treat anyone while working in a professional capacity as a real estate agent; the only difference is that you are not communicating face to face but over the Internet!

Just like you would if you had a presence on any other social media platform, being active on Quora is a very effective method of marketing your services as a real estate agent. As with all social media interactions, be sure to do your best, always act in a professional manner, and show your genuine identity to earn the trust of those you interact with. Ultimately, doing it consistently will have a positive effect on your reputation on the platform. Building such a positive reputation on Quora can help you grow your real estate business. When users of the platform who are close to you search for a real estate agent, chances are you are their first choice, thanks to the positive interactions you have had with them in the past. It might not get you a massive number of new clients, but that possibility should never be ruled out – and that’s why Quora should be part of your professional social media marketing strategy to build your career in a real estate agency. .


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